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PDX, Portland International Airport

The major airport in the Portland metro area is the Portland International Airport or PDX. It's relatively new and relatively small, though constant construction makes getting around in it a hassle. Passenger airlines and cargo carriers service over 120 cities worldwide.

Good Dog/Bad Dog

Concourse C

Good Dog Bad Dog
Kielbasa with fries
While the original Good Dog/Bad Dog may be no more, the one at the airport lives on.

Sausages range from $3-$6, from the Oregon Smokey, the Hot or Sweet Italian, kielbasa, the bratwurst or the chicken bratwurst, the garden sausage, and several sizes of hot dogs. They have excellent battered thin fries or chili, which you can get in a combo for $3ish more. Widmer or Budweiser beers are $4-$6.

So I guess that explains how a recent lunch for two, with two sausages, fries and two beers, ended up being $25. It was a shock when I handed over the cash, but now, looking at the numbers, it appears I got off easy.

Anyhow, the food. We sat outside the shop, watching travelers go by. We ordered a kielbasa and an Oregon Smokey, and both were excellent. They're both substantial sausages. The buns were substantial enough to not fall apart, but they weren't warmed, and were otherwise rather anonymous. Our fries were great -- crispy, thin, addictive.

Anyways, this is a good option if you need lunch or dinner at the airport.

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Gustav's Pub and Grill

C Concourse

Gustav'sI tend to have lowered expectations for airport food, but really, if you look at breakfast here as similar to your neighborhood place, you won't go wrong. Yes, it's a smidge more expensive than your neighborhood place, but the plates of food are large, the waitresses friendly, and the coffee tolerable. The bratwurst was good, as was the Black Forest ham (though I don't know about melting cheese on top of the ham—who thought that was a good idea?), not like the best bratwurst you've tasted outside of Germany, but still a solid good sausage. Our tab for two breakfasts with coffee and (a huge) juice came in less than $20, and we weren't trying to be cheap.

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PDX - Portland International Airport

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PDX: the Portland International airport explained

how to get there.

The easiest way to get to the airport when driving is via I-205. Exit at the Portland Airport signs, just south of the Columbia River, and follow the signs.

If you prefer, you can also access PDX from NE 82nd, 122nd, and 137th -- go north towards the Columbia River and Marine Drive. Airport Way is the last through street south of Marine Drive. Turn left to head west, and follow the signs.

Don't have a car? Allergic to public transportation? Not to worry. There is cab service to and from, as well as shuttles, hotel courtesy vans, executive cars, and of course, rental cars. You can find information on all of that at the PDX Ground Transportation page.

Not parking at the airport

You can now take MAX right to the airport from downtown, or the Gateway Transit Center (or anywhere else on the MAX line). The Red Line runs every 15 minutes or better between 5 a.m. and 11:30 p.m., and there are six different "Quick Drop" areas if someone is driving you part way. The MAX takes you to a covered portion of the airport, adjacent to the baggage carousel. It's quick and easy and incredibly cool.

Other than driving, or taking the MAX Red Line, get a friend to "kiss and drop"; or use one of the many Airport Shuttles or taxis listed in the PDX Ground Transportation page

parking there

Like most airports, parking is a hassle at PDX. There are several different parking options: the garage adjacent to the terminal ($18 per day), long-term ($14 per day) and economy ($8 per day). There is also free bicycle and motorcycle parking

Economy parking lots are on the north side of Airport Way between 82nd and I-205 -- if you are coming from the freeway, they will be on the right hand side.

Long-term parking is in between Airport Way near the terminal, just south of the garage. Follow the signs.

And the garage is just to the left of arrivals and departures.

With both the economy & long-term parking lots, you don't necessarily want to park in the spot closest to the airport; you want the spot closest to the Shuttle stop. Shuttle stops are well marked—find the shuttle stop, and then find your parking place.

Shuttles are every 5-10 minutes. Still, plan for the extra time for you and half of Portland loading their luggage in and out of the shuttle bus.

How early to arrive?

The airlines continue to revise how early they'd like you to be there. Call yours for details...

Special services:

PDX has info booths and kiosks, both for accommodations, rental vehicles, and for speakers of Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. There is a currency exchange location in the ticket lobby and on concourse D. English speakers can get help from the VIPs, who wear blue polo shirts with an "ask me" logo.

The Conference Center has meeting rooms and business services. For information, call 460-4050.

At various points in the airport, there are ATMs, telephones, TTY, a self-service postal facility, UPS and FedEX dropboxes, self-service insurance counter, a barber/beauty shop, a shoeshine stand, a photocopy machine, a fax machine, telephone workstations equipped with computer ports and change machines. Oh, and DVD rental!

Things to do at the airport:

One of the coolest things about PDX is the fact that vendors are obligated to charge street prices. So the Coffee People drink, the Marsee Bakery goodie, the book from Powells or object from Nike, Norm Thompson, Made in Oregon, etc, will all cost what they cost elsewhere in town. Powells, for example, has a selection of cheap used paperbacks, perfect for spending the day in a plane or at an airport. Anyhow, don't feel any additional trepidation about buying at the airport.

If you are looking to kill time, you can go shopping, get something to eat or drink, get a haircut or a shoeshine. And the kids cockpit (near the North Service Center) will be something that will delight the young and young at heart.

Portland International Airport
7000 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97218
800/815-4636 TDD

PDX has a website.

Check it out at:
It has useful information on Arrivals & Departures, Construction & Parking, Services, and Weather.

If you'd like to hear someone else's take on it, check out Expedia's Stuck at the Airport...

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