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Kalaisha Watrous Donation Fund

Portland Public Art

08/19-09/20 - Tiago Denczuk's "The Most Ridiculous People I know"

08/23 Group Art Project and DIY Bookbinding at Waypost

09/07-09/08 Bicycle Film Festival

09/07-09/09 - so much is going on!

09/19 - Socio XV: Urban Forest Project Celebration

09/22-09/24 - Portland Carfree Days!

1/15 - Portland on No Reservations

10/01-10/31 - Kitty's Haunted Calendar

11/10 - Japanese Garden free!

11/11 - Supportland, a benefit for Chad Schild

11/17-11/19 Orycon

11/24 - Insane Title Wave sale!

12/07 - Bike Craft II

12/09 - SCRAP Holiday Bazaar and Bakesale

12/1-12/3 - Canby Tamale Festival

12/15 - OSC Holiday lights scooter ride

12/2 - 2006 ABATE / Shriner's Children's Hospital Toy Run

12/22 - Moose & Squirrel release

2/01-2/04 - Group show & party at 12x16

2/15 - Cantankerous Titles & Obscure Ephemera films

2/15 - The Sounds of Jumptown

3/07 - Filmed By Bike deadline

3/15 - Walk Waud Bluff!

3/31-4/2 Spring Scoot

4/06 - Laurelwood seasonals at Concordia Ale House

4/06-4/09 - Longbaugh Film Festival

4/07 - PSU Portland Farmers Market Opening Day!

4/08 - NW RAGE's Spring Plant & Seed Swap 2007

4/1 - Leukemia & Lymphoma Society benefit at Amnesia

4/10 - bloggers Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Jerome Armstrong

4/13-4/15 - Filmed by Bike

4/14-4/15 - Spring Beer & Wine Fest

4/15 - Night Owl Record Show

4/15 -Eastside Theater History Bicycle Tour

4/17-4/23 - Jackpot Music & Film Fest

4/2 - Anchor Steam tasting at La Bodega

4/2 - Pierogi & Photos at Polish Hall

4/21-4/23 - Wordstock

4/22 - Hair of the Dog sale

4/29 - 4/30 - Potato Pancakes Extravaganza

4/29 - Roux's Crawfish Boil and Street Party

5/03-5/06 - Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

5/04-5/07 - Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

5/05-5/21 - Do Jump's And then...

5/06 - Hollywood Farmers Market opens

5/06 - National Home Brew Day

5/12 - Benefit for Kalaisha

5/12 - FredFest Beer afternoon

5/16 - Bike to Work Day Party at Pioneer Courthouse Square

5/17 - Bike to Work Day!

5/20 - Craft Rock at Motokitty

5/31 - David Oates (City Limits: Walking Portland's Boundary) reads

6/07-6/23 - Pedalpalooza!

6/08 - 6/24 - Pedalpalooza

6/17 - Portland Bike Summit

6/18 - Belgian beers from Van Steenberge at La Bodega

6/23 - Multnomah County Bike Fair

6/28 - 7/01 - Takin' It to the Streets Moped Rally

7/01 - Dennis Kucinich at Benson High

7/01-7/23 - Tour de France 2006

7/06 - 1st Thursday at the Made in Portland Bike Show

7/07-7/09 - (Scooter) Rally in Portland

7/08 - Night Ride

7/14-7/16 - Portland International Beerfest

7/15 - Geek Fair at Free Geek

7/26 - Kick ass bike films

7/28-7/30 - PDX Pop Now!

8/06 - Hottest Ride of the Year

A Californian's love letter to Portland

A few hotel recommendations

A new source for gourmet cheaper tuna

a response to Stephen Colbert

A walking tour of edible Portland

A.. another argument for farmers markets

A9 Maps, now with BlockView (TM)

Abou Karim


AJA Pacific Kitchen

Aladdin's Cafe

Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill

Albina & St Johns news

Albina Green

Amnesia Brewing

An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink

An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink

Andrew Hall's guide to Portland Neighborhoods

Another feel-good, quirky, come visit Portland story

another MIA


Apizza Scholls


Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

Autentica Mexican Cuisine

Autentica Mexican Cuisine (for brunch)

Aztec Willie and Joey Rose Taqueria

B-Side Tavern

Bar Carlo

Barleywine and Big Beer Tasting at the SE Lucky Lab Brew Pub

Bastas Trattoria

BBC: PDX as transportation visionaries

Beaterville Cafe

Beaumont Market

Beer News

Belmont Station

Berlin Inn

Best Baguette

Better know a weekend...


Beware the 'Abyss'

bicycle boulevard survey

Bicycle parking at the Oregon Convention Center

Bicyclist does good, yay!!

Biddy McGraw's Irish Pub

Big City Produce

Big Orange Dog

bike guys

Bike volunteer opps

Binh Minh : Authentic Vietnamese Sandwiches

Binh Minh Bakery & Deli (aka Maxim's Bakery)


Biwa's Happy Hour

Black Cat Pub

Bleu & Chipotle: what could they have in common?

Blue Monk

Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Blue Moose Cafe

Blueplate Diner (Lunch Counter & Soda Fountain)

Bob's Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill Store

Bogarts Restaurant

Bonita Taqueria, La

Brand Ave on 82nd Ave

Breakfast in Stumptown Googlemap

Breakfast on the Bridges

Brickwall Records

Bridgeport Brewing (Portland)

bridgeport brewpub & bakery

Bridges Cafe

Broadway Grill & Brewery


Burrito Loco

Bus Project Presents: Strapped

Buy Where You Shop

bye, Bold Sky

Byways Cafe

Cafe Wonder

Campbell's Bar-B-Q changes hands

Capitol Coffee House & Bistro



Carboloading pasta

Catalina's Mexican Restaurant

Celebrating the holidays

Celebration of Ales

Cha! Cha! Cha! Fremont

Changes -March 1, 2006

Changes, changes...

Changes, changes...


Chinese Delicacy

Chinese Village

Chino Sai-Gon

Christie's Restaurant

Citizens Photo

Clarence Eckerson's Portland Transportation filmlets

Clay's Smokehouse Grill

Clinton Street Theater and Brewpub

Clinton Street Theatre

Close Knit

Comments are back! Open thread! Talk amongst yourselves!!

Concordia Ale House

Cool Runnings is no more

Corbett Fish House

Council Thrift

County Cork Public House

Cozy Ewe Yarn Shop

Daddy Mojo's

Daily Pedalpalooza Reports!!

Dalo's Kitchen

dear readers

Dirt Cheap Guide to Portland OR

DIY Lounge

Do you have a bike incentive program at work?

Don Poncho

downtown Post Office

Du's Grill

Echo Restaurant


Edelweiss Sausage Co & Deli

emergency response exercise to be held in Portland

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Enrique Andrade, the spanish voice of MAX

Essence of China Restaurant

Essential Forces Fountain

Failing Pedestrian Bridge

Farmers Markets are updated!

Farmers Markets! New! Oh boy!

Farmhouse Knit Shop

Fat Albert's Breakfast Cafe

Fernando's Hideaway

Film Festivals happening nowish!

Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings

Flavour Spot Waffle Cart

Fleet Week

Florida Room

Flying Elephants Deli

Food PR for 4/12 and Easter (4/16)

Foster Powell Neighborhood Association

Free wifi for Pioneer Courthouse Square

Frugality and free events in Portland!

Fubonn Supermarket

Fuller's Coffee Shop


getting to the coast... without a car

Go Veg: America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Large City

Going Street Overpass

Going to... Portland, Ore.

Good cheer, great beer in Portland

Good Dog/Bad Dog

Good Dog/Bad Dog

goodies at Hillsdale Farmers Market this Sunday

Goodwill Books online

Goodwill on 10th

Google Mappers, arise!

Google Transit

Got Pho?

got the tubes via cell? check the traffic

Gotham Building Tavern

Gotham Tavern

Grande Foods

Guest on Tap

Gustav's Pub and Grill


Hama Sushi

Hello readers!



Historic Portland, Online (the blogs).

Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine

Holiday Ale Festival

Holiday lights rides (for bikes and scooters)

Holiday Stuff - It's all about the lights

Holiday Stuff - Santaland

Holiday Wineries Guide in the Oregonian

Hollywood Camera Store

Hot Lips Pizza

Hot Pot City


How do you cater to two-wheels?


Hunan Restaurant

I lost a pet -- now what?

I love it when other people talk about us


In Oregon, Thinking Local

In Other Words Women's Books and Resources On the Scene: Portland

Interview - Steve Jones of Steve's Cheese

Ira Keller Civic Forecourt Fountain

Iraqi Names Project

Island Joe's Coffee

It's Election Day!

J Cafe

Jamison Square Fountain

Jin Wah Seafood Restaurant

Jones Public House is closing

July 4th holiday

Junior's Cafe

Justa Pasta

Kaffee Bistro

Karam Restaurant

Karlsson Brewing Co. Brew Pub

Keller blocks

Ken's Artisan Bakery

Kennedy School's Courtyard Restaurant

Kenny & Zuke's

Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen

Knit Knot Studio

Knittn' Kitten

La Bodega

La Capanna

Las Nayaritas

Late night snacks at Concordia Ale House

Laughing Planet

Laurelhurst Theater

Laurelwood Public House

Laurelwood Public House (for happy hour)

Learning about Craftbrews


Lents International Farmers Market

Let us sing praises to PDX!

Let's talk about Bike Love!

Libbie's Restaurant


Little Red Bike Cafe

Lloyd Center Ice Rink

Lloyd District Farmer's Market

Lompoc Fifth Quadrant

Looking for a turducken?

Looking Glass Bookstore

Lorn and Dotties Luncheonette

Lovejoy Plaza Fountain

Lucky Lab III: The Lucky Labrador Beer Hall

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

Lunch Carts in (downtown) Portland, OR

Mabel's Cafe and Knittery

Mactarnahan's Taproom at Pyramid Brewing

Made in Oregon.

Maintenance week at AltPortland

make that xmas tree go away

Mama Mia Trattoria

Marisa Thai Xpress

Market of Choice, Burlingame

Mash Tun Brewpub

Mash Tun is serving their own!

McMenamins Interview & He'brew

Meatballs v Meatballs at IKEA

Microcosm Publishing moves in March

Midterm Election Results

Mill End Store

Moon & Sixpence British Pub

More claims of Portland as green lotus land

more love letters from the NYT

more NYT love coming Sunday

More NYT on Portland

more wet weather

Moreland Farmers Market opens 5/17

Muddy's Coffeehouse

My Father's Place

My impatience

Naked Sheep Knit Shop

National Register of Historic Places Open Houses


New eatdrink RSS feed!

New Events page up

New home for Belmont Station opens tomorrow!

New Section: BBQ

New section: Gas stations in downtown and the inner northwest

New section: Thrift shops

New Section: Yarn Stores

news, etc. 3/24/2006

Nite Hawk Cafe

No Fish! Go Fish! Cart

Non-Starbucks coffee near the Convention Center



NYT on Portland Bike Culture

NYT writes about Milwaukie's Dark Horse Comics

NYT: In Oregon, It's a Brew Pub World

Oaks Bottom Public House


Odds and ends

Oh no, I've broken the blog!

old Chuck Palahniuk article in Seattle Times

Om Seafood Co.

OMG! LOL Shoulder Cat!

OMG!1! Kitteh!!

OMG, Ponies!

Oregon City Municipal Elevator & Promenade

Oregon represents at the GABF 2006

Oregonian on Portland's Indie Rock Scene

Orient (the) Chinese Restaurant & Lounge

Original Halibut's

Original Hotcake & Steak House

Otto's Sausage Kitchen & Meat Market

Our Daily Bread Restaurant

Overlook Family Restaurant

Ozone Records UK going online only

Pacific Super Market

Pasta and home

Pattie's Home Plate Cafe

Pause Kitchen and Bar



People's Food Co-op

Periodicals Paradise


Pho Green Papaya and Sunset Factory Teriyaki & Deli

Pho Saigon Noodle House

Pho Van - The Street Foods of Vietnam

Pho Van Hawthorne

Pho Vinh

Phu Hoa Market is closing

Pirate ships?!

Pirates Tavern

Pizza Fino

Pizza Joints in Portland

Place Mapper's Portland Brew Map

Places to Donate Your Vehicle


Podnahs Pit Barbecue

Podnahs Pit Barbecue (for breakfast!)

Poor Richard's changes hands

Poor Richards Restaurant

Portland Food Carts

Portland Ground

Portland is one of three US Green Cities

Portland just likes to party

Portland Metro Food Tip Sheet & Dining Guide v2.26

Portland Music (Record Store) Map

Portland No Reservations recap

Portland Oregon Pub Crawl

Portland Radio Authority back on the air, sorta

Portland to Coast on bicycle or scooter

Portland Tribune

Portland's Asian Gardens in the NYT

Portland: Are we an American Eden?

Portland: Fast City, or City that Doesn't Work?

PR shoutout

PR update

Pro Photo Supply

Produce Row Cafe

Pub at the End of the Universe

Publishers Weekly notices the Periscope Comics Studio

Purchasing seafoods

Reason #765 why I love Portland

Reason #766 why I love Portland

Red Coach Restaurant

Red Star Roast House & Tavern

Red White & Blue Thrift Store

ReRun Consignment & Resale

Resources for low-income families

Ride both bikes and MAX?

Ril's European Market

Roadside Attraction

Rogue Ales Public House

Rose & Raindrop

Rose and Raindrop to close 12/31

Rose and Thistle

Rose's Homemade Ice Cream


Russell Street Bar-B-Que

Salad World

Salmon Street Springs


School or Business Closures? Portland Information Network

Seattle Times writes about Portland strip clubs

Sellwood Public House

Shared Route - Weekendly rides to Seattle

Signal Station Pizza


Single-serving Portland Guide


Slow Bar

Small Museums & Collections

snow day!

Snow White Crepes

Son of BIG Winter Beer Tasting at Woodstock Wine & Deli

Southeast sinkhole makes NYT!

Spice hunting

Spring fever: Portland area Farmers Markets

St. Johns Historic Cinema & Pub

St. Johns redux

Stardust viewing party, late Saturday-Early Sunday

Staying cool when it's hot

Stepping Stone Cafe

Strong Beer Fest at Berlin Inn

Sungari Restaurant

Sunlan Lighting Inc.


Survey on land use & the urban growth boundary

SW Terwilliger Blvd Parkway

Swim for free in the Metro Y's pool!

Tabla Mediterranean Bistro

Takahashi Restaurant

Talking about Portland

Tangle Knit Studio

Taqueria Delicias Mexicanas

Taqueria Santa Cruz

Taste of Mexico (for breakfast)

Taverns with megataps

Teen Challenge Thrift Store

Thai Noon Restaurant

The American Cheese Society Annual Conference and Competition

The Artist's Guide to North Portland, Oregon

The Brew Site: it's all about the beer

the city of Albina

The Dig

The Driftwood Room at the Mallory Hotel

The Eastbank Esplanade-Tom McCall Waterfront park loop

The Guide to Local and Seasonal Products

the Morning Star Baptist Church fire

The Oregonian/

The Original Pancake House

The Salvation Army Lombard Thrift Store

The Waypost

there are still *issues* with commenting

They love the tram, they do!

Things that are happening this weekend

This time, a survey for motorcyclists & scooterists

This week in PR


Tin Shed Cafe


Todai Seafood Buffet

Tom's 1st Ave Bento

Tonight Only - Become a Rose City Roller!

Toro Bravo

Treehugger: People of Portland: Tell Us About Your City


Two new Consume sections

Two-wheeled culture-friendly brewpub in the offing

Urban Drinks

Utopia Cafe

vacation/remodeling week


Vegas v. Portland!

Vegetarian House

Veggie Guide to Portland Map


Video Verite

Vinyl Resting Place

Virtual Bike Tours of Portland

Vita Cafe

Volunteer with the Bike Safety Education team!

Walk Score

Walking in Portland

Walking Man at Concordia Ale House

Washington Mutual

We made the NYT again

We're getting ready! RNC Welcoming Committee Trailer

Weekly emails from No Fish! Go Fish!

Welcome OSCONers!

Weltenburger tasting at La Bodega

What does Portland do right?

what to do - Xmas Eve & Xmas

when your bike is stolen

Where to find the best fashion in Portland

Whole Foods Market

Widmer Brothers' Gasthaus

WiFi and Beer


Wildfire Wood fired pizza and BBQ

will it ever stop?

Wong's King Seafood Restaurant

WorldChanging Portland

Wynne's Bar & Grill

Yamhill Brewing's 9th Avenue Public House

Yukon Tavern

Zach's Shack




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