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Internet resources about Portland Beerishness

Portland Oregon Pub Crawl

Walking man's Knuckle DraggerMary, a craft beer lover, made a recent trip to Portland to check out the suds. Here's her report on a marathon day of beer crawling with stops at John's Marketplace, New Old Lompoc, Lucky Labrador Beer Hall, Laurelwood NW Public House, Amnesia, Roots, Horse Brass, Belmont Station, and the Concordia Ale House.

The only destination that she missed, I think, is Widmer (929 N Russell, (503) 281-3333) -- not so much for their standards, but for their wonderful brewers specialties and Collaborator beers.

Of course, if she or her friends are fans of Weizens, they have to go to Portland/Pyramid Brewing (2730 NW 31st, (503) 228-5269), which has the gold medal winner for an American Crystal Weizen (filtered and bubbly) on tap, as well as an Imperial Hefe which is quite nice.

And then there's Rogue (1339 NW Flanders St at 14th, (503) 222-5910), just for the sake of. While they've reduced the amount of their own beer that they have on tap, they still tend to have about a dozen of them on at any given time.

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Urban Drinks

urban drinks web site

Did you know that Portland, Oregon is the greatest happy hour city in the world? It's then only natural that the greatest happy hour website was also born here. is the work of a small group of friends who have made it their mission to provide you with the most up-to-date happy hour information.

The offerings include the happy hours that are happening right now (!), happy hours by the neighborhood or by the day, and user-submitted pub crawls. There's an RSS feed for new reviews of establishments. You can even tag establishments, too.

I heard about this via Food Dude at Portland Food and Drink. Thanks, Food Dude!

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Good cheer, great beer in Portland

beer tour
Eric Nolad writes about the Portland beer scene, must-see brewpubs, and the BrewBus.

And even with all those breweries, the people making the beer engage in a surprising amount of cooperation, eschewing the customary cutthroat practices of the business world. "It's a slacker mentality with a creative edge," said Tom Bleigh, lead brewer for Pyramid Breweries. "It happens on the music scene as well. It's a sense of fraternity that lends itself to experimentation."

And if reading is too much for you (oh, the humanity!), they also have a flash presentation (of course, a picture does tell a thousand stories. Or something.)

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As the name implies, this is a web site of Portland beer. Under the beer tab, you can see an almost complete listing of what each brewpub in town brews. So if you're interested in a particular beer style, you can look it up, or just prepare yourself for the wonders that wait for you at your local.

What we are: A group of volunteers who have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that Portland, and it's visitors, can make the best use of our greatest natural resource: beer! By maintaining an up to date listing of Portland beers and breweries, we hope to connect you with the beer you you're looking for.

What we are not: This is not a Portland beer and brewery review site. Everyone has a different reaction to different sights, sounds, and tastes. We are not here to tell you what to think, but rather tell you what is out there and how to get to it. We think that it's much more fun to drink beer and make your own opinion.

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unthirstyThis is significantly brilliant. It's a googlemap mashup to show you bars and taverns with happy hours. You can push the map around to where you are (or want to be), input an address, or, look for Happy Hours This Very Moment, Food Specials, Drink Specials, Patio Seating, and Wifi. Simple, straightforward, easy to use. This rocks!

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links, reading about beer, and more

The Portland BrewBus

Rate Beer!
If you're curious about a new craft brew, or want to share your impressions with the world, check out this site. When I visited, Hair of the Dog Adam was #5 of their top ten (and Mac and Jack's African Amber was #10)!

Wanna do your own tour of Oregon Microbreweries?
Check out the Oregon Brewer's Guild map of Beervana (they also have a Portland map)

Oregon Brewpubs
gives you addresses and phone numbers but appears last updated in 1997.

The Northwest BrewPage
nothing fancy -- just the facts, ma'am. I believe this is the oldest beer info page in the NW.

Beer me!
The most complete source of brewery information worldwide, or so they say.

Beer Expedition
A good beer's not hard to find, you just have to know where to look!

Craft Brewing Defines Oregon as U.S. "Beer Capital"
This piece about the brewpub scene from National Geographic News, 2001

reading about beer:

If you're looking for beer, tabloid wise, you have one option.
  • Northwest Brewing News is free and bimonthly, and addresses who, what, where, when, and why to drink and or brew beer. They feature a column on Oregon, and on Portland.

In the A&E (in the Friday Oregonian), Brew News is the place to find out, well, beer news. John Foyston writes it, and he's been in the local beer scene for a while. Unfortunately, if Brew News is in the OregonLive (the Oregonian's online division), you'll have a hell of a time finding it. But here's a clue: in Entertainment, check out dining & bars

Brasstacks is the online and e-mail newsletter of Horsebrass and Belmont Station. If you're serious about beer and close to the eastside, you'll want to tune in.

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