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Portland, Oregon freebie local press and tabloids

The Portland Observer
a weekly newspaper targeting black Portlanders and their allies
officially 50 cents (but I've never paid for it)
Content is partially online, including archives.
mostly available in North and Northeast Portland.

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Concordia News
a monthly for the Concordia neighborhood, put out by the Concordia Neighborhood Association.
issues are available at Concordia businesses
All content is online (in PDF)

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The Skanner
a weekly newspaper targeting black Portlanders and their allies—an excellent read for grasping issues important to North and Northeast Portland
(officially, it costs 35 cents, but I've always gotten it for free)
Content is partially online: current issue has some headlines online, previous issues have a PC-only WebPaper interface
available throughout North and Northeast Portland (with some boxes in downtown Portland, and Vancouver)

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El Hispanic News

A bilingual Spanish-English, award-winning weekly newspaper. It's available on Wednesdays.

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Zines and tabloids (of the paper variety) in Portland

Ah, the volatile world of small presses. Since I have had this site up, I have seen my eight of my favorite freebies bite the dust, six from burn out, the other two from increased competition from the Oregonian. As if the Oregonian could offer the same coverage! Yikes!

By 'zines, I mean free publications. Most of these listed are available at bookstores, universities, libraries, and other distributors of free literature in the metro area.

An especially good place to pick up both free and not free, local to international, 'zines is Reading Frenzy, 921 SW Oak, 274-1449 (near Powells).

Asian Reporter
full of international & Asian/Pacific Islander community news

The Hollywood Star
While the name says Hollywood, the tabloid says Northeast. This monthly is the best source for neighborhood information, events, local people, places and things, and, it also is critical -- in reviews and in news reporting. If you live in inner Northeast, seek this one out.

Just Out
The local state-wide queer publication. Big thick beefie, but kinda dull. Comes out the first and third Fridays.

Portland Alliance
Portland's progressive community newspaper continues monthly, with a community calendar, a progressive directory, and lots of interesting pinko stuff.

Portland Mercury
Okay, now the Stranger, a Seattle alternative weekly, has come to colonize stumptown. At least they're funny. They seem to be targetting the queer, leftie, or politically incorrect audience, with a format somewhat like Willamette Week only much thinner. Certainly worth looking for. Did I mention it's funny? Oh, and they have I (heart) Television and Savage Love. Comes out each Thursday.
ALL CONTENT (save syndicated columns) ONLINE

Portland Tribune
This twice weekly paper (Tuesdays and Fridays) struggles along, becoming smaller by the month. But, it's still free. And it's all about Portland -- nada about the suburbs, Salem, Washington D.C., etc.

ReDirect Guide
" The Portland - Vancouver Guide to Ecologically Wise, Socially Responsible, and Health-Oriented Businesses"

The Southeast Examiner
A fairly substantial monthly tabloid about inner SE Portland. It's great for learning about what the neighborhood associations are doing, events in the neighborhood(s), and checking out the ads.

Willamette Week
Our Village Voice wannabe. Every town has to have one. It has really improved since the Mercury came on the scene. Events listings and want ads are the reason to get this one. Oh, that, and Real Astrology. Comes out each Wednesday.
ALL CONTENT (save syndicated columns) ONLINE

A week-daily approach to weekly tabloid-type stuff

Tuesday: Portland Tribune
Wednesday: Willamette Week
Thursday: Portland Mercury, the Oregonian's Home and Gardens insert, the Oregonian's In Portland insert
Friday: Portland Tribune, the Oregonian's A&E insert

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Northwest Brewing News
Content not online
Available at most craftbrew serving pubs.
Something that could really be useful is a calendar

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