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DVDs and Videos for rent or sale

Multnomah County Library
all over the city, yep

Okay, I know the library isn't open at 9:30 when you've come home from dinner with a date and are looking for a video, but they do have a ton of videos and DVDs if you plan ahead. You can keep them for three weeks, and it's free, as long as you don't wrack up overdue fines. They have art flicks, old classics, foreign, and mainstream hits, as well as exercise, national geographic, PBS series, and the other stuff that you might expect from the library. For DVDs, you will most likely have to put it on hold in advance—but that's easy, and it can be delivered to a branch near you.

To use the Multnomah County Library web site to find videos and DVDs, go to the Keyword search which is hidden in the bowels of the site. Once you're there, find Limit to optional and set Material Type to DVD or Video. And now you have a list of everything they've got!

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Clinton Street Videos

2501 SE Clinton St
(503) 236-9030

This is the best video store I know of for music videos there are lots of cult, foreign and classic films here. Foreign, cult, indies, music, pee wee herman; small but mighty.

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Movie Madness

4320 SE Belmont
(503) 234-4363

Part museum, part huge video library, part teen-age employer, this place is nuts, and I do mean nuts, on weekends and evenings. This place is probably a better pick up joint than Powells. They do have a great selection of weird and psychotronic, television history, foreign, queer, and just about anything offbeat.

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2325 NW Thurman
(503) 229-1884

Expensive but extensive. Probably the second biggest of the indies (after Movie Madness, natch) Books on tape too.

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Video Underground

26xx SE Belmont

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Video Verite

3956 N Mississippi Ave.
(503) 445-9902
get there via trimet

All DVDs, all the time. This small, friendly store stocks only the good stuff, and their staff are knowledgeable. They even screen films in their basement—how cool is that? And now they have a web site so you can check out their new releases!

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1136 NW Lovejoy St
(503) 796-2825

1990 SE Ladd Ave
(503) 231-1181

2310 N Lombard St
(503) 289-8408

2640 NE Alberta St
(503) 288-4067

Formerly, tiny, but responsive video joint in Albina, now a huge local chain

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