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Radio, radio!

KBOO-FM 90.5

The local community-owned radio station. Broadcasts a local newscast. The variety of music and views is bound to intrigue and infuriate.

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Adult alternative station. Not bad for what it is. They have lost the annoying jazz-lite-muzak, thank the G-ds. Of all the commercial stations, KINK is most likely to play local artists, and also most likely to have live music in the studio. Also, most likely to play the Dead. Their program director is rather opinionated, which is an asset.

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KMHD-FM 89.1

An anonymous reader chided me about missing KMHD. "It should definitely be included in the list. This is the listener-supported station at Mt. Hood Community College. It is easily the best jazz station in the area."
I do agree. When it comes to jazz in all its diversity, KMHD is right on it. Which means you do get some doses of Beatles covers and other unfortunate things that would make Coltrane roll in his grave. But luckily, these are infrequent.

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KNRK-FM 94.7

When I started hearing the mantra "the music comes first", I was a bit sceptical, especially given that the former format was alternative buttrock. But, they play lots of music and an interesting variety.

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KOPB-FM 91.5

The local National Public Radio affiliate.

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Our local Air America affiliate

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KPSU-AM 1450

By day it is KBPS, the Portland Public Schools station which broadcasts classical music exclusively. Between 5pm and 2am, it is KPSU, the campus station of Portland State University. KPSU is also always on on the PSU campus (98.3 FM) and streaming. Like most college stations, professionalism, ideology, and musical styles will vary.

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Portland Radio Authority 96.7 FM

Portland Pirate radio!

They may not be broadcasting on the airwaves (Thanks, Oregonian!), but at least they're streaming online.

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If you want to read about Portland radio, the be-all and end-all is The Portland Radio Guide -- check it out!

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