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ATMs in Central Portland

Sigh. I get comfortable with the idea that, maybe, some banks aren't evil, and then I find out that they're charging surcharges. Why can't you make up your mind, Washington Mutual?

And then, there's the whole "being a credit union member" and going to a different credit unions' machine, and being charged a surcharge. Dude, aren't we on the same team?

Well, I guess not.

Oregonians still have no laws in place to protect ATM users from fees, and for good or bad, private ATM machines are just about everywhere -- in convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and even food co-ops. So, what about fees? If you're a credit union member, credit union ATMs are still the way to go, though you may still face a fee. If you're a bank customer, well, you're on your own...

So we've listed some credit union ATMS.

Thanks to Kristi, Jim, James and Steve who contributed listings, and to Sonya for letting me know about Washington Mutual.

Downtown... ATMs

  • 95 SW Taylor (actually on SW First)—USAgencies CU—24 hours
  • 333 SW 1st (in the Robert Duncan Plaza—USAgencies CU—open building hours)
  • 734 SW 2nd Ave (in the Duck Shop)—Oregon Community CU—open building hours
  • Federal Court House—1000 SW 3rd (building hours)
  • 1120 SW 3rd (in the Justice Center, 24 hours)
  • 1220 SW 3rd (in the Edith Green Federal Building—USAgencies CU—open building hours)
  • 1021 SW 4th (Court House, open building hours)
  • 2121 SW 4th Ave—Unitus Community CU
  • 5th & Stark
  • 421 SW 5th (Mead Building, open building hours)
  • Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th—building hours
  • 421 SW 6th (Commonwealth Building, open bldg hours)
  • 120 SW Taylor—Advantis CU—24 hours
  • 310 SW Lincoln St—Unitus Community CU
  • 421 SW Oak St—Unitus Community CU—building hours
  • 510 SW Mill St—OnPoint CU—24 hours
  • Portland State University Smith Center, 1825 SW Broadway, ground floor—OnPoint CU—building hours

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Lloyd area ATMs (inner north & northeast)

  • Kaiser Building, 500 NE Multnomah, 3rd floor (Bldg hours)
  • State Office Building, 825 NE Multnomah Suite 160 (M-F 8-5)
  • Portland Teachers Credit Union, 1720 NE 9th Ave (1 ATM inside, M-Th 9-5:30 Friday 9-6; 2 ATMs outside)
  • Metro, 600 NE Grand (M-F 8-5)

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other parts of town (that have ATMs)

  • JDH Building, 1401 NE 68th (bldg hours)
  • OnPoint Credit Union, 9730 SE Washington—24 hours
  • Portland Public Schools Building, 501 N Dixon (bldg hours)
  • Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn (24 hours)
  • 3717 SE 17th (24 hours)
  • City Maintenance Building, 2929 N Kerby (24 hours)
  • 4747 E Burnside (24 hours)
  • Pacific NW Federal Credit Union, 12106 NE Marx (24 hours)

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